LLG Election dates announced

The Issue of Writs for the 2019 Local Level Government Elections will be on the 25th of April.

Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Kevin Isifu. said this when announcing the dates for the LLG Elections.

In a media conference today, Minister Isifu announced the dates for one-year deferred LLG Election.

2019 LLG Election Dates

Issue of Writs – Thursday 25th April 2019

Nominations Close – Thurday 2nd May 2019

Polling Starts – Thursday 9th May 2019

Polling Ends – Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Return of Writ on or before: Thursday 13th June 2019

Calculation of Days

Nomination period – 7 Days

Campaign Period – 15 Days

Polling Period – 14 Days

Counting Period – 21 Days

“The Electoral Commission must go ahead and finalize all necessary preparations to go ahead and deliver a successful LLG Election in the given time frame. My approval  of the LLG Elections dates and official announcement today, should put to rest any further speculation of further deferral of the LLG Elections,” said Isifu.

The Government has appropriated K100 million for the hosting of the LLG election with confirmation is yet to be made on the release of the funds.

Meanwhile Minister Isifu and the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs have begun discussions for Provinces and Districts to support the election roll out.

“As the Minister I’M now appealing to all the Provincial Governments and also our District Development Authorities to take ownership and be partners especially in sharing cost and mobilizing available resources at your disposal to making sure that the 2019 LLG Elections must be a success.”

Meanwhile, Minister Isisu said the Government has released K72 million towards the end of 2018 for the payment of outstanding allowances to councilors.

“K2000 each have been paid into their respective accounts. The remaining K2000 for the remaining five months from July to December will be paid sometime in February (2019).”

Councilors who missed out on payments are asked to check with the department.

LLG’e were also reminded to pay all required monthly allowances for appointed women representatives.

Cedric Patjole