Lend A Hand In Times Of Need

It is better to do something than sit and watch our people suffer… this is the thought that had driven a small PNGDF team to carryout COVID-19 awareness in Western Province.

On September 25th, it came to a critical situation where the Kiunga General Hospital had to close its operation due to some hospital staff catching COVID-19. This had caused the public to start seeking medical attention at the PNGDF Forward Operating Base Regimental Aid Post.

When seeing the increase of patients from nearby communities, the PNGDF team Bravo Company members was prompted to go out to help the Western Province Health Authority to conduct awareness to people in Kiunga and villages situated along the road to Tabubil.

On the same date, a composite section which comprises of a six member team namely  Coporal William Legot; Lance Coporal  Desmond Naruwen, L/CPL Nathen Douglas, Private Jerry Wapulg, Private Paul Wag and Private Nelson Michael were deployed to help carry out the awareness.

The team has successfully conducted the C19 Awareness, distributed the Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) such as facemask and hand sanitises and also conducted area and route surveillance.

The awareness and distribution of PPE plus pamphlets and posters was conducted from Kiunga town area through to villages along the Kiunga-Tabubil Highway. Areas visited so far are, Runginai Nursing College, Ningurum Station, Mikalsim village and up to villages near Tabubil. High schools, community schools are yet to be visited this week.

The Officer in Command, Captain Denzel Kasa said the volunteer assistance with the awareness has boosted the confidence of the locals in the PNGDF and the Government in providing timely assistance in times of need.

Capt Kasa said: “Despite logistical or funding constrains we have delivered. It is better to do something than seat and watch.”

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