Leadership Tribunal Clears Basil

The Leadership Tribunal today dismissed allegations labelled against Deputy Prime Minister and Bulolo MP, Sam Basil.

He has thanked Prime Minister, James Marape for having confidence in him and his innocence throughout the leadership tribunal. Basil made this remarks outside the courthouse today after the Leadership Tribunal dismissed his case.

“I want to thank the Prime Minister for keeping my Deputy Prime Minister seat empty during the last two sessions of Parliament and my Ministry. I would like to say thank you to the Prime Minister for his understanding, as United Labour Party is a good coalition partner of the Pangu Government. 

“I want every Papua New Guinean to know the Tribunal has declared me innocent on all allegations which was illegally fabricated against me by the Ombudsmen Commission (OC). The Public Prosecutor and the OC failed to present the evidence to support ridiculous allegations against me. 

“It is said also that certain individuals in power are illegally influencing important independent credible institutions such as the OC. Hardworking honest public servants in these important bodies are being suppressed and are pressured to fabricate and refer certain innocent politicians, because they stand for transparency and good governance,” Basil stated.

He said many cases that have been referred to the OC this year have all have come out successfully. 
“In my case, I was abruptly referred on 1st of December, 2020. All Papua New Guineans will recall it was a time when I exercised my constitutional right as a Party Leader of ULP, as I did not agree with certain things.
“Today, the dismissal of all charges provides you with all evidence that these allegations were simply fabricated against me as the party leader of United Labour Party and as a Member of the Morobe Provincial Government.” 

Basil stressed that Papua New Guineans are smart people and can put the dots together to work out what really happened. 
“I assure all Papua New Guineans that such fabricated referrals or motives of these individuals will not challenge my fight for what is right. I promise all my fellow Papua New Guineans, the United Labour Party have and will always stand for the good of the people. Today, United Labour Party has united workers Union going forward, he said.
Basil has urged all departmental heads including the Police to the Ombudsmen Commission to serve the oath that they have sworn. 
“I want them not to interfere, not to allow politicians and individuals to spoil the good organizations.

Freddy Mou