Leaders urged to deal with violence in the workplace

Sexual Harassment and violence is causing conflict and chaos in homes and at workplaces.

The Law and Justice sector has recognized this as a problem and is conducting training for its Gender Equity, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) members, especially on the referral pathways for victims.

Attorney General and Secretary for Justice, Dr. Eric Kwa has urged respective GEDSI members to look beyond the workplace policies to deal with Sexual Violence and Violence at the workplace.

He was speaking during the recent Law and Justice Sector launch of workplace sexual harassment brochures and posters.

Dr Kwa said, “Can we get our leaders to sign off that if our officers are causing harm to their spouses that are public servants, they must be dealt with? So that the matter gets out stronger and understood that, we do not tolerate this in the public service.”

The Attorney General said leaders of each Law and Justice Sector must also be held accountable if they do not deal with the violence in the workplace.  

“Can we also create a space where if you cannot get help from your department, say CLRC is causing this problem and the secretary for CLRC is not dealing with the issue? Can you raise it to me as the Secretary for Justice so that we hold the leaders accountable?” added Dr. Kwa.

GEDSI members say the Sexual Harassment Policies developed is not enough. The issue must be communicated through posters and brochures, meetings, workshops and person to person.

Jemimah Sukbat