Leaders prosecuted under two laws: Kaluwin

Leaders are accountable to two sets of laws; the leadership code and the criminal code, says Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin.

In clarifying his role in relation to handling high profile cases, Kaluwin says if a leader’s conduct amounts to committing a crime, they may be prosecuted under those two sets of laws.

“People may be high profile, others may be little men on the street, and the law applies equally to all,” he explained.

“No one is superior before the law. So when people say we treat people differently from leaders, it’s not perfectly true. Leaders have a code that is covering them (leadership code), and the criminal code that also covers leaders.

“So if we look at this perspective, we can say that leaders are covered under two laws. There are two laws that can catch them. Unlike everyone else, where there’s only one set of law to catch them,” Kaluwin said.

In relation to leadership tribunals, the matter involving Vanimo-Green MP, Belden Namah, members of the tribunal have heard evidence and are now considering his verdict. 

The recent referral to the Office of the Public Prosecutor on allegations of misconduct in office involves acting Department of Defence secretary Trevor Meauri.  

Sally Pokiton