Leader raises concern on state of stadium

A concerned Motu Koitabu leader has called on the Government to complete existing projects of major national significance before embarking on new projects.

Winston Parascos is urging the Minister for Sports and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, to come out publicly and truthfully inform the taxpaying public on why the incomplete Sir Hubert Murray stadium in Port Moresby has been abandoned.

He said the incomplete controversial stadium has become an eyesore for city residents and visitors.

“Justin Tkatchenko is not only duty bound, but has moral obligations to inform the taxpaying public why the condition of the structures are left to deteriorate,” he stressed.

“The abandoned state of the Sir Hubert Murray stadium totally contradicts public assurances, promises and undertakings by Tkatchenko in 2015 that work was to be completed by the end of that year for the Pacific Games.”

However, Tkatchenko in early January this year, said the country is going through a tight economic situation and at this point, stadiums are not something that is prioritised to be built or funded.

He said the Government’s current priority is given to education and health and other development issues.

“We need to look at other ways of bringing the private and corporate sector in to help finish off the stadium so they own it and run it as a business,” he said.

The total cost for the stadium is K120 million.

The government, through its Public Private Partnership, will fund the half of the total cost while Curtain Brothers will foot the balance.

So far, the Government is yet to give the other K40 million to complete the project.

Freddy Mou