Law society: Please put health first

The PNG law society has pleaded on members of the judiciary to put their health first as the country needs them.

Representing the PNG Law Society, Deputy Solicitor General, Tauvasa Tanuvasa, made the plea today during the ceremonial sitting of the late Justice Salatiel Lenalia.

The country’s new Attorney General, Steven Davis, said three deaths in a space of almost three years for members of the judiciary has become a matter of national concern.

He said both the members of the judiciary and the National Executive Council are equally grieved at the passing of the late judge.

Speaking on behalf of the people of the country, Minister Davis said it was unfortunate that he was addressing the judiciary for the first time under these circumstances.

Hoping for a happier moment to address the judiciary as the country's new Attorney General, Minister Davis said the late judge persevered at the cost of his health to deliver justice.

He said the late judge had been suffering a medical condition for some time till his untimely passing.

Minister Davis said he will be working with Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia to improve the working conditions of judges, and focus on the health of those in the judiciary.

He personally appeared before the late Justice Salatiel Lenalia as a lawyer, and said he found his honour to be a very humble judge.

“He is a legacy that we all need to learn from,” Davis added.

Sally Pokiton