Late journalist’s burial halted

The burial of the late Rosalyn Albaniel Evara’s body was halted this morning.

The body of the late journalist is now at the funeral home, awaiting a post mortem to be conducted after the only relative objecting to the exercise had finally agreed to it.

Around 11pm yesterday (Oct 23), during the late Evara’s wake, her paternal family had demanded that her body be taken back to the funeral home for post mortem to be conducted.

Her body was later taken to the funeral home after directives from the Homicide unit.

This comes after much quarrelling between the relatives – who claim that while the paternal family demanded a post mortem, the biological mother had refused to let the body of her daughter be examined.

The family believes that the late journalist could have died from unnatural causes, stressing that the appearance of fresh bruises after a day of her passing cannot be ignored.

Post-Courier editor, Todagia Kelola, confirmed with this newsroom that the body is now at the funeral home after the mother had agreed to it.

He added that the burial was stopped after the homicide unit intervened.

A thorough investigation will be carried out after the examination.

Kelola said the Post-Courier will support the family in carrying out necessary processes to uncover the truth of the late Rosalyn Albaniel Evara’s death.

The late journalist’s body will be undergoing post mortem at around 4.30pm this afternoon.

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