Lands Dept under audit

The promised changes in the Lands Department have already started.

Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko recently revealed that a consultant has been assisting the department in its reform.

Samuel Zeller is with the Lands Department courtesy of the Australian High Commission.

From the Economic Governance and Inclusive Growth Partnership, Zeller, who started with the Department in October 2018, is conducting a full audit of every single division.

“To ensure we are completely modernised and completely audited so we can take our department to the next level,” stated Tkatchenko.

 “He’ll be recommending many changes and many ideas to the department for the findings that he has found through his report.”

Tkatchenko says from the report, they will work with the Australian government to seek the funding and the expertise to implement those findings in the Lands Department.

He said so far, Zeller’s recent brief report was an eye-opener, and he is looking forward to implementing changes that will make his department more credible, transparent and efficient.

“We’re not sitting back and watching the day go by. We are implementing in this department to change the perception, as I’ve said, from day one. 

“So we’re getting the best consultants, we’re getting the best professionals to come into this department, tell us where we’re going right, tell us where we’re going wrong, and we’re going to fix it once and for all.”

(Lands Department building – Eda Tano Haus)

Carmella Gware