Lands dept staff stand against violence

Staff of the Department of Lands and Physical Planning have shown support towards the fight against all forms of violence by wearing black and displaying placards at the workplace.

They joined thousands of advocates across the country who have been campaigning for the government to impose tougher penalties as justice for perpetrators of violence.

Minister John Rosso, who joined his staff, said: “We cannot stand and watch as violence unfolds in front of our eyes; we have to speak up and stop it.”

The local MP for Lae, who is the Morobe Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) Patron, reiterated the government’s stance against all forms of violence, urging staff to speak out and report to police and authorities.

The Lands Department employs a good number of women who have reportedly been victims of violence back in their homes and communities. Some have been verbally abused by disgruntled clients on a daily basis in their line of duty.

Minister Rosso also urged Papua New Guineans to rise up and stand together as one, which means, seeing everyone as equal to move this country forward.

“Violence is not our culture and do not use wealth and power to inflict violence on another person.”

This nationwide stand gained momentum following the brutal killing of Jenelyn Kennedy in June 2020.

(Minister John Rosso being flanked by female staff of the Department of Lands and Physical Planning with placards showing support to end violence in PNG)

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