Landowners shut Komo airfield

The Komo airfield facility landowners have closed the Komo International airfield in Hela today after the Government failed to respond to their petition.

The landowners gave their petition on May 10, 2018, calling on the Government and the developer, ExxonMobil, to review the UBSA agreement and make Komo Airfield Facility a standalone project.

Talking to this newsroom from the Komo airfield today, chairman of the Komo landowners, Michael Tiki, is urging the Government to respond to their petition or the closure of the airfield will be definite.

“We have given the Government ample time but they haven’t responded to our petition,” he reiterated.

“Our position still stands and that is we want Komo airfield to be a standalone project.”

Chairman of Undupi Telia clan, Paranda Uripako, has also shared similar sentiments, calling on the Government to at least listen to the landowners.

“We want the Government to respond to our petition quickly and don’t want to be deceived again.”

Freddy Mou