Landowner association calls for fair treatment from KPHL

A landowner association has given a 14-day ultimatum to the Government to pay their equity or face legal challenge.

The Aporo’Urri Resource Owners Association Inc representing the Moran Fasu landowners in the Moran Petroleum Development License 5 in Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province claimed that KPHL had not paid them equally.

They also claimed that KPHL transferred an additional equity of 5% from EDA Oil Ltd interests in PDL5, to Homa Paua People’s Association.

This 5% they say, was promised to them by then Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare in November of 2009.

The grant of the additional equity was subsequently incorporated as a term of the LBBSA in Clause 6.1 (d) (vii) which was stipulated for same to be transferred to Petroleum Resource Moran Ltd pursuant to legislative framework under Section 176 (2) of the Oil and Gas Act 1998.

In a media conference on Tuesday, Chairman of AURORA, Paul Yawe issued an ultimatum to the National Government through the Kumul Petroleum Holdings to explain why the people of Moran Fasu PDL5 have yet to be paid.

Mr Yawe said the Government must rescind the ‘Sale and Purchase Agreement’ on Oct 12, 2017 of the 5% equity between Homa Paua People’s Association and KPHL and transfer 2.5% out of the 5% equity to AURORA.

Mr Yawe explained that both AURORA and HPPA signed an agreement as one party during the UBSA and LBBSA in Kokopo and so payment must be released at the same time.

He stressed that if their demand are not adhered to within the given time, they will seek legal redress.

“Pay AURORA for the Moran Fasu stock clans K1.5m as our share, since a K2.5m was paid to the 12 ILGs that have sided with HPPA and MOL.

“The reason being that it is not fair for KPHL to be selective and pay only HPPA and deny AURORA which represents Moran Fasu Project Areas Landowners in the Moran PDL5 Petroleum project.”

Mr Yawe also stressed that they will also lodge appropriate complaints against those persons involved to the police and the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate if their demands are not met.

Freddy Mou