Land allocated for Kadovar islanders

The Minister responsible for National Disaster Management, Kevin Isifu, has confirmed land has been allocated for the resettlement of Kadovar islanders.

Minister Isifu, along with a government delegation, were in Wewak yesterday to visit the islanders on Ruprup Island as well as meet with landowners on the mainland to secure a resettlement site.

The Government delegation consisted of the East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, Defense Minister, Solan Mirism and Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke.

Minister Isifu says a 30 hectare piece of land has been identified for purchase at Dandan along the Turubu east coast area, East Sepik.

The delegation met with the islanders to address their fears with regards to relocation, assuring them that this was for their own good given the urgency of the situation.

A meeting was then set up with locals from the Dandan area to broker a K250,000 purchasing price for the land.

Meantime, the Kadovar islanders are expected to start moving into the resettlement site starting this weekend.

The site itself has yet to be sorted out, Isifu says that as a temporary measure, the tents have been erected to house the settlers while work is being carried out to clear out the land and sort out logistics for the settlers.

Isifu anticipates that a feeder road to the current resettlement site at Dandan, from the nearest village Suanum, will need to be sorted out as well at a cost of K1.5 million.

(The visit to Ruprup Island)

Julianna Waeda