Laigap Writs due Nov 17

The return of writs for the Laigap Supplementary Elections is on Friday, November 17 2023. However, counting has not started and remains suspended as the dispute about the counting location continues.

Enga Election manager, Anton Iamau confirmed this morning that the status quo remains.

Polling was concluded two weeks ago, but counting was put on hold after PNG Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai issued directives for counting to be moved to Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province citing security concerns.

Iamau said his staff are only executing directions from the headquarters and the last direction received was to move the counting from Wabag to Goroka.

This, he says, is despite a security assessment report from the Enga Election Steering Committee, which includes that of the Enga Provincial Police Commander, that there are no security risks in Wabag for counting to be staged there.

Iamau says there are two factions - one demanding that counting be held in Wabag and the other supporting the Electoral Commission for counting to be moved to Goroka.

Protests were held yesterday by men covered in clay. Imprinted on their bodies were the words “Boxes out, Mi Dai.”

Sources from within Electoral Commission said a decision was reached late yesterday to have the counting done in Wabag as the date for the return of the writs fast approaches.

The Electoral Commissioner is expected to release a formal communique about this later today.

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