Lae vendors celebrate women’s day

For the first time ever, women vendors in Lae commemorated International Women’s Day.

The Lae Market Vendors and Growers Association, established in 2021, has over 460 members.

The group was formed following the UN Women’s market economy recovery and inclusion (MERI) program.

President, Margaret Kumbu, extended her gratitude to UN Women and the Australian government for recognising the women’s worth and their contributions to the community.

“Now for the first time, mipla selebreit na mipla save tu olsem mipla mama, mipla very special and unique,” she stated. (Now for the first time, we’re celebrating and acknowledging the fact that mothers are very special and unique.)

Kumbu further urged the government to prioritise women’s welfare, adding they should be considered when allocating funding in the national budget.

Olsem na insait lo badjet blo Papua Niugini ol brukim, ol mas save tu olsem mipla ol mama stap lo selebreitim disla bikpla dei blo International Women’s Day. (Mothers must be given an allocation in the national budget to celebrate this big day of International Women’s Day.)

“Na taim blo disla dei kam kamap, mipla ol mama mas selebreit lo wanpla bikpla hap olsem stedium oh wanpla bikpla hap we olgeta mama blo Papua Niugini mas selebreitim disla dei na ol mas save, husat em ol.” (And when this day eventuates, all women in Papua New Guinea must celebrate it in a larger location, like the stadium. All mothers in PNG must observe the event and know who they are.)

PNG UN Women’s MERI project interlocutor, Joanne Ganoka, said the event served as a platform to conduct awareness to both vendors and customers on the importance of gender equality, stressing on this year’s theme ‘Break the bias’.

Carmella Gware