Lae schools of excellence

Plans are afoot to elevate two secondary schools in Lae to schools of excellence.

Busu and Lae secondary will be upgraded to reflect their status.

Under the leadership of principal George Noble, Busu Secondary School has been making significant academic leaps since 2016.

Morobe’s provincial program advisor – education, Keith Tangui, acknowledged this fact, saying this was the reason why Busu secondary, along with Lae secondary, will become schools of excellence.

“These two schools we are thinking of changing them to school of excellence because they produce outstanding performance in academy,” stated Tangui.

“We got only one school of excellence in Morobe Province and that’s Wawin National High School. Later when we have the 3-6-6 policy fully in place then we will have Busu to be school of excellence.”

In 2019, Busu’s Grade 10 were ranked fifth in the country while the Grade 12s ranked 10th. Lae secondary placed seventh and 13th respectively.

2020 saw a marked improvement when Busu’s Grade 10 classes placed second nationwide whilst their seniors ranked fourth. Sister school, Lae secondary, was graded 14th and eighth respectively.

Tangui said Morobe schools have the potential to perform better considering the provincial leadership’s focus is on education.

“If Busu can do it very well, if Lae secondary can do it very well – all the other schools can do better.”

(Busu Secondary School has academically made significant improvements)

Carmella Gware