Lae residents in PNG colors

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr has been applauded for maintaining law and order in the city despite the logistics and manpower problems faced by police in the second biggest city in the country.

Lae MP Loujaya Kouza in addressing the people of Lae city during the 41st Independence anniversary celebrations at the Sir Ignatius Kilage stadium admitted that there were problems deterring day to day operations of the Police force but with a young head like Wagambie, he is able to lead his 200 plus men.

“To have a young man like you Met Supt to tame 200 plus man in Morobe is not an easy road but you have managed to tackle law and order in the province with what you have,” Ms Kouza said.

Currently the Lae Metropolitan Command has 370 police personnel who have been deployed to the University of Technology campus with others stationed at other various locations in the city to make sure of a safe independence celebration.

Kouza also took time to call on the residents to respect themselves and also respect others which includes respecting police to ensure law and order in the city.

Police were out in full force ensuring the celebrations went well for the city residents who were engaged in various activities in the city.

Wendy Katusele