Lae police wound gang member

A wounded gang member has been admitted to Angau Hospital Surgical Ward after being shot by Lae police during an attempted robbery.

The suspect was part of a seven-man group that scaled the fence of a service station in an attempt to raid staff housing at the back. This was on Saturday, 22nd of February, at about 1am.

A security guard who tried to disturb the suspects was threatened with homemade guns and in fear of being shot, took cover, at the same time raising the alarm.

Lae police report that fortunately, one of the females in the staff residential compound had saved the Police Emergency Toll Free number and immediately called Police.

“An SRU 102 patrol was parked along Five-Mile bus stop and immediately responded by members entering the service station from the front gate.

“The suspects, upon seeing this, escaped by climbing over the fence at the back, not knowing that a second SRU 102 patrol had sent members on foot towards the back of the service station where one of the suspects armed with a homemade gun was shot and apprehended.

“His loaded homemade gun was also recovered at the scene.

“Other armed suspects escaped as Police did not shoot to avoid endangering members of the public as houses are close to each other.”

The apprehended suspect is undergoing treatment and will be formally arrested and charged once given the go ahead by doctors.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says the Miles area has been experiencing a few attempted armed robberies in the last few weeks.

“I warn youths in this area to refrain from such activities as it will one day not turn out well for them,” stressed Wagambie Jnr.

“SRU 102 patrol areas is from Nawaeb block, Miles and up to Nadzab. There are always two units on duty.”

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