Lae Police tighten up on traffic rules

All Public Motor Vehicles impounded by police will not be released until defects are fixed, says Lae Police Commander.

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said, “There is a large number of PMV buses and private vehicles locked up at the Morobe Traffic Registry yard.

“These vehicles will not be released to the owners until (vehicle) defects are fixed.

“That is for tail light defects, brakes, signals and other mechanical faults. The owners are to arrange for parts and mechanics to be brought to the yard and for vehicles to be fixed there.

“It has been a common practice, and from our (past) experiences, the owners pay their penalty fees but do not fix their vehicles and put them back on the road.”

Wagambie Jnr said traffic rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.    

“Police and Traffic Registry are standing firm on this, to ensure that rules and regulations are complied with.

“Law breakers cannot and will not dictate the way we do business here.

“We want to make Lae roads safe, and I will not tolerate any interference from any owners of vehicles with defects.”