Lae police tail known criminals, foil robbery plans

On Tuesday this week, police received information that known criminals would be travelling out from West Taraka to a location at Boundary Road were there was going to be an armed robbery.

Civilian police spotted the vehicle matching the description given and tailed it from Kamkumung to Eriku, where they were intercepted.

There were eight men on board the vehicle. Police had to fire warning shots to stop the vehicle when the driver didn’t stop after being signalled by officers sounding the siren.

The suspects, realising that it was police, tried to get off the vehicle and run away but Police managed to apprehend all eight men who were also heavily intoxicated.

Of the suspects, one was an escapee from Buimo CS wanted for a string of serious crimes over the years, one is a National Court remandee who now has breached his bail condition, while the others are being processed and will be charged for being in company of a known criminal.

Lae police boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, dispelled rumours that there was an armed robbery at Anderson’s Eriku, stating that the gunshots heard were from Police who had to forcefully stop the vehicle and apprehend the suspects.

No one has been shot in this incident. 

Wagambie Jnr is warning criminal elements planning on carrying out their illegal activities that they will not get far in Lae as police response has improved greatly.

He reiterated that his officers are focused in ensuring a safer Lae for its residents and visitors.

Annette Kora