Lae police stop robbery attempt

More than 20 young men pretending to be celebrating the New Year attempted to break into a small shop in West Taraka, Lae City.

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambi Junior said, their attempt was foiled by members of the Sector Response Unit (SRU) who were on foot patrol at that location.

One of the men had a homemade gun with him and open fired.

Police gave warning shots and managed to push them back into their streets, when they returned fire.

Police pursued them giving warning shots, however the men got mixed up in the crowd celebrating New Year.

In fear of shooting bystanders, police left.

Later that morning at around 2pm, West Taraka Police conducted foot patrol and apprehended some youths under the influence of homebrew.

One of those searched was armed with a homemade gun.

All suspects were arrested and charged.

Wagambi said many arrests were made during the night leading up to midnight New Year and after.

He said for many parts of the City, Police responded quickly to calls to the Toll Free number.

“I commend the people of Lae for celebrating peacefully”.

“I also thank all my officers and members for their tireless efforts in ensuring the smooth transition of 2017 to 2018”.

Charmaine Poriambep