Lae on alert

Lae is on heightened alert as police maintain roadblocks around the city.

Office buildings have been closed as staff were told to remain at home, or were turned back by police.

With the looting and ransacking that happened in the nation’s capital yesterday, opportunists are hoping to have a go at shops and business houses today.

Police had to disperse groups at Chinatown, Top Town and Eriku this morning. Residents heard gunshots as early as 7am.

Lae acting metropolitan superintendent, Luan, Senior Inspector James Luan, said they have acted on Intel so all available police men and women came in as early as 5am to set up roadblocks at Two-Mile, Boundary Road, Nawaeb Block, Kamkumung Bridge, Independence Drive, Backroad, Bumbu Bridge, Chinatown and Main Market.

“Apologies for late notice but Lae RPNGC have  been working diligently to make assessment,” he said.

“Take any precautions that you think you might need to protect your staff, family and assets – whether that be increasing security (hard to do with late notice) or closing until the all clear from RPNGC.”

Loop Author