Lae’s Miles Roads Completed

The upgrading and sealing of the suburban road from Two-Mile to Three-Mile in Ward 4, Lae Urban has been completed.

Work has also commenced into the Four-Mile road, which should be sealed in the next few months.

The Lae City Authority outlined that the Miles area had been neglected in terms of service delivery for many years by successive governments and their administrations.

“The road has been a flood waterway during rainy season, affecting the community,” said LCA.

“But through the Lae City Suburban Road Upgrade Program of the Lae City Authority, suburban roads are now given a facelift for the first time.

“And more neglected suburban roads will be upgraded and sealed under this road rehabilitation program.

“This is in line with the notion of restoring Lae back to its glory days; to where it used to be in the early 80s and 90s where all our roads were sealed and had street lights, where city residents once enjoyed.

“All suburban roads are fully funded by your tax through the LCA.”

Press Release