Kwa: Kramer Sets Record In Justice Dept.

The Department of Justice & Attorney General has commended Justice Minister Bryan Kramer for setting a record in the number of submissions presented to Government in the last 12 months.

Attorney General Dr Eric Kwa, made these remarks during the launch of ‘The Attorney General’s Law Journal’ recently.

“We have checked the records and confirmed that this is the first time in the history of the department (that) we have had more submissions and decisions taken up to the Cabinet since Minister Kramer took office,” he said.

The following Bills were passed in Parliament this year under the leadership of Minister Kramer:

  1. Controlled Substance Bill 2021
  2. Dangerous Drugs Amendment Bill 2021
  3. Lawyers (Amendment) Bill 2021
  4. Electronic Transaction Bill 2021
  5. Attorney General (Amendment) Bill 2021
  6. Public Solicitors Bill 2021

Dr Kwa said it was record breaking that DJAG have delivered more submissions to government than ever before.

“A non-lawyer leading us in trying to push for reforms within the law and justice sector; we truly appreciate that. I’ve been in the office for three years and this year has been a very hectic one with Minister pushing us to support government in every way we can,” he said.

Dr Kwa said it was also history in the making for one Minister to get a total six legislations to Parliament within just 12 months.

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