Kutubu in need of water

The people of Kutubu in Southern Highlands are running out of water supplies in their relief supply.

Kutubu LLG President John Kila said relief supplies have been flowing but really need water for cooking.

Kila in a media briefing on Thursday thanked Oil Search and Mineral Resources Development Authority for their tireless effort in helping the people of Kutubu.

He said without the help from such companies and the Government, people of Kutubu will severely affected by the disaster.  

“We are thankful that such big companies are there to help our people.

“Without them, most of our people will be affected.”

He further confirmed that 27 people have died but it can be more as some places were yet to be inspected.

He said road network is yet to be fixed and the only mode of transport to the rural areas is through helicopters.

Freddy Mou