Kutubu, Bosavi Want Separate Electorates

The people of Kutubu and Bosavi in Nipa Kutubu district of Southern Highlands Province are threatening the Government to block off the recent announcement of the P’nyang Gas agreement if they are not considered in the split of the electorate.

In a media conference held on Monday in Port Moresby, the leaders aired their grievances over the split of the electorate and called on Prime Minister James Marape to respond to their call.

Chairman of the Kutubu Bosavi proposed electorate steering Committee, Dabura Kamuna said they have presented all the reports required by the Electoral Boundaries Commission to make a submission and called for a separate electorate before the issue of writs in April.

“Kutubu have given more to Government coffers for so many year and now it’s our turn to ask what is rightfully ours. We need a separate electorate and that is what we are asking the Government to honour.
“We cannot be spectators on our own land, no electorate means no gas,” Kamuna threatened.  

Prime Minister James Marape, earlier announced that his Cabinet has cleared the P’nyang Gas Agreement, which will be signed between the State and ExxonMobil, who is the lead project developer of the Petroleum Retention License (PRL) 3.

However, deputy chairman of the Kutubu Bosavi proposed electorate steering Committee,Allan Ricks backed his chairman calling the Government to respect and honour their wishes and include them in the split of electorates.

He added that the population of Kutubu and Bosavi has increased to more than 100,000 and eligible for an electorate.

Prime Minister Marape clarified that the pipeline of the proposed P’nyang gas will pass through Kutubu and Bosavi before reaching the Central Processing Centre.

“Our people have been fighting for a new electorate since 1962 and have never given the chance. We are now calling on the Government to listen to our plight and include us in the proposed number of electorates that will be split.”

It is understood that the signing between the State and ExxonMobil who is the lead project developer of the project will be executed today before Parliament resumes.

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