Kuman warns schools not to charge project fees

​ Education Minister, Nick Kuman, has warned schools around the country that he will not hesitate to suspend Principals or school boards that are still charging project fees.

And he has called on the Provincial Governments to implement the Governments Tuition Fee Free Policy and deal with those that are ignoring the abolishment of project fees.

“I’ve got the power under the Teaching Service Act, that power I can invoke that power and I can suspend the principals and the board. You must know that (and) I will do it.

If the Provincial Government and their administration if they cannot do it, I will do it for you,” he said.

Kuman was responding to Morobe Governor Kelly Naru, who asked how the Government was going to address the issue of schools charging project fee’s  in addition to receiving the TFF.

Naru said many schools, especially in his Morobe, continued this practice despite Government advising them not too.

“How do e move forward with the implementation of the Tuition Fee Free Police in terms of clear Government directives to the schools through the provinces so that we can effectively implement that policy and bring some degree of comfort to the parents and the students who are affected by these policies.

There are already instances of students being refused entry into schools, conditional on the payment of fees, withholding of certificates and so on,” said Naru.

Kuman said last years decision to stop all forms of fess imposed on parents and school children has not been reversed and still remains. Last week in Parliament he reiterated the same message to all sitting MP’s.

He said the decision is final and urged all Governors to be responsible and ensure all schools comply with this directive.

He told Naru that Morobe was the province with the highest number of complaints since the hotline went up.

“We are talking about our kids in this country. When the Government pays the school fee, Government must make sure your schools must operate. Make they pull in line with the policies of the Government. Yu harim ah?! Said Kuman.

Kuman has reiterated that no schools are to charge any other fees.

Cedric Patjole