Kramer vows to resolve Madang situation

The Member for Madang is assuring the people of his district that he will do all he can to ensure the current situation is resolved immediately.

Three people have been confirmed dead while a police man is nursing very critical injuries at the Modilon hospital following a confrontation at Madang’s Four-Mile market between police and youths on Saturday.

Situation is tense following payback clashes over the decapitation of a Bau Primary School teacher from Ialibu.

“I am assuring the people that as soon as I get on the ground, this situation will be resolved,” Bryan Kramer stated.

“I intend to have immediate discussions with community leaders from Amele and Asples to see the best ways we can approach this issue.”

He also noted that locals have always been concerned with urban drift, which has become a major issue that has led to some of these social problems.

He said betelnut trading and the markets have also created a hub for the influx of urban drift.

Kramer, who will be in Madang this afternoon, revealed that he is looking at speaking to the governor and other members in the province to discuss the possibility of banning street vending and betelnut selling.

(Bryan Kramer filepic)

Imelda Wavik