Kramer responds to complaint against him

Police Minister Bryan Kramer has responded to the recent complaint that was filed against him, saying he will not be avoiding arrest “by hiding under the bed of a hotel room or fleeing the country”.

A letter of complaint by Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika was received by the acting Police Commissioner on November 12th, urging them to investigate Kramer’s Facebook post regarding his role in referring a matter for Justice Nicholas Miviri to deal with. This is regarding an application for an interim stay on an arrest warrant against Peter O’Neill.

In response, Kramer said: “I’m only too happy to make myself available to the Police officers tasked to investigate the Chief Justice’s complaint or any complaint for that matter.

“I look forward to being called in for questioning and assisting Police investigations by providing credible evidence to justify the statements published on Facebook, including evidence that is yet to be made public.”

The Chief Justice alleged Kramer’s article on his Facebook page “is inciting trouble or tending to cause trouble or ill-feeling among people”.

“I request the police to investigate the matter and lay appropriate charges under section 11 of the Summary Offences Act and to look at the possibility of laying charges under the Cybercrime Act as well.”


Carmella Gware