Kramer refers Gamato to fraud directorate

The Madang MP has laid a formal complaint with the National Fraud & Anti-Corruption Directorate to investigate the Electoral Commissioner.

This regards the Commission’s decision in the declaration of the Southern Highlands provincial seat.

Bryan Kramer met with the media yesterday, describing the EC’s decision as an act of electoral fraud.

“I submitted the basis of my determination that constitutes electoral fraud by the Commissioner, and filed a complaint with the National Fraud (Directorate). I intend to do the same with the Ombudsman Commission, and I am giving them up to a month to allow them to consider the evidence and whether they will take any formal action.”

The Member for Madang said it was in his view that Commissioner Gamato should step down for allegedly making a premature decision.

“This is a separate matter, targeted specifically to the Electoral Commissioner in the manner of conduct by him, not the conduct in relation to the candidates or sitting Governor or Southern Highlands Province. The fact that if he (Electoral Commissioner) had complied with the law, this mayhem would not have happened. So it is my view he is squarely to blame.”

Kramer also denied having any interest in the outcome of the election petition, saying he was simply questioning the commission’s actions – as according to evidence he has collected and submitted to the fraud squad, was in breach of election laws.

He said the Commission has two options to choose from; either to fail the election or have a recount.

The vocal Kramer said a formal complaint would also be brought before the Ombudsman Commission.

Meantime, Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato was contacted for comments but opted for a ‘no comment’ on the matter; but he did say the Member of Parliament had acted within his rights to report him to the fraud squad to be investigated.

(Madang MP Bryan Kramer filepic)

Salome Vincent