Kramer guilty of seven allegations

A leadership tribunal has found suspended Member for Madang Bryan Kramer guilty of 7 or the 12 allegations leveled against him by the Public Prosecutor.

Kramer was found guilty of; 

1. Scandalizing the Judiciary by posting articles on his Facebook account insinuating a conflict of 
interest by Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

2. Scandalizing the Judiciary by posting articles on Facebook accusing MP Peter O’Neil and his 
lawyers for filing fake warrant of arrest. 

3. Allowing an associate company, Tolo Enterprise Limited to benefit through consultancy services 
to Madang DDA

4. Misappropriation of K455,751.20 to associate company Tolo Enterprise 

5. Use of Madang District Services Improvement Program and District Grants on rental of ward project office 

6. Creating a structure within Madang DDA without approval from DPM 

7. Misappropriation of Madang DSIP on salaries and wages of electoral staff 

In a unanimous decision handed down by the panel Justice Lawrence Kangwia, Magistrate Josephine Nidue and Magistrate Edward Komia on Tuesday, 28th February, 2023, submissions on penalty charges was adjourned to 20th March. 

This means, the suspended Member remains as a member of Parliament until the Tribunal makes rulingon the 20th March 2022.

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