KPHL donation to Cardiac Lab

Port Moresby General Hospital’s Cardiac Facility welcomed three new essential equipment yesterday. The equipment was purchased from the US with funding from Kumul Petroleum.

The Cardiac facility now have an Ultra Sound scan machine which is one of the latest on the market. The equipment were purchased as part of the K50 million commitment under an MOU signed in August 2020. 

Hospital CEO Dr. Paki Molumi said the funding from KPHL has made it possible for the end users of the Cardiac equipment to select the equipment of their choice which is GE. 

GE is an American Company, and one of the world’s leading supplier of medical equipment, to do with Cardiac. To get that kind of top of the range equipment to PNG is very difficult. However through Kumul Petroleum, it was made possible by Green TeleMed.  

“In front of us is the ultra sound scan machine. It is one of the latest on the market. It has artificial intelligence built into it. I think this is the first in the country with the artificial intelligence so that you can get out those images and the scans that you are getting direct into the heart valves!” Dr. Molumi exclaimed. 

KPHL Managing Director Wapu Sonk said the Ultra Sound purchased cost about K1.5 million together with other accessories and equipment for the Cardiac programme at PMGH.

“So far I am really happy to learn that 80 angiograms have been run already and we have also about 15 stents put in place into peoples’ hearts and there’s more in cue.  Those are procedures that you would otherwise have gone to Singapore, Australia or some other places and not here and at a huge cost,” Sonk said. 

Since the signing of the MOU in August 2020 a lot of progress has been made.

Cardiac patient, John Jambert, is from Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands Province. He travelled from Goroka in Eastern Hghlands, to ANGAU Memorial Hospital in Lae. There he was referred to PMGH. He shared his story on how he was served at the door step because of COVID-19.

“I’m fortunate as one of the few who have come. I thought of the cost if nothing happened at the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation with the ECO, I could have gone to PIH as the chance of getting help overseas is not that easy. Countries are now closing their doors,” Jambert said.

Jambert urged the government to invest in Cardiac facilities, because proper help and service is long overdue.

Frieda Kana