Kopkop College Celebrates Independence

Teachers, students, parents and invited guests at Kopkop College today commemorated the country’s 46th Independence through various cultural and traditional activities as Kopkop family.

The event saw six hundred plus students of Kopkop College from early childhood to primary and secondary commemorated the country’s 46th independence by performing various traditional dancing, drama, sing sings, and reenactment of the arrival of the first missionaries into PNG.

Kopkop College Director Internal Quality Assurance, Mary Udu said Kopkop College is a multicultural institution that promotes culture and diversity.

She said, the annual event always gets the students, parents and the teachers excited to come together and celebrate the Independence Day as a family of Kopkop College before the Independence Day on September 16th.

Mrs Udu said: “The activities by various grades from early leaning right through to High school were a depiction of how they value their culture and tradition as Papua New Guineans.”

Many of the students were dressed in traditional artier to show their patriotism as Papua New Guineans and to celebrate the freedom of choice and democracy.

She added that Independence is all about celebrating ones identity and as a Papua New Guinean, independence to her is all about traditions and culture.

After the activities on the day, students had time to share refreshments with their parents and teachers before retiring to their homes.

Godwin Eki