Komo airfield landowners give 14-days ultimatum

The Komo Airfield Facility landowners have given the Government and the PNG LNG Project developer ExxonMobil 14 days to respond to their petition.

The landowners said there is no formal agreement between them, the Government and ExxonMobil and called for a new agreement to be established to cater for their royalty payments.

The landowners are from the 16 ILG clans of the Komo airfield.

The landowners spokesperson Michael Tiki said the Government continues to fail the legitimate landowners by not honoring the UBSA and LBSA agreements in terms of royalty benefits, business development grants, Infrastructure Development Grants and High Impact Projects.

Mr Tiki said failure to respond to their petition will result in the closure of the Komo airfield.

“We have been missing out and not benefitting from our land.

“It’s about time we take this step and claim what is rightfully ours.”

He added that so far more than 370 LNG shipments have been exported out of the country and the landowners are yet to get their funds.

Mr Tiki said the landowners want the Government to compensate them accordingly as the Komo airfield is a standalone project apart from the LNG project.

“We want the Government and the developer ExxonMobil to respond to our petition with 14 days or face the closure of the airfield.”

Freddy Mou