Kokopo Town Lights Up

A section of the Kokopo town road is being lit up again after some years of being in the dark, thanks to the Kokopo District Administration.

A local electrical contractor Pawa Comtroniks LTD has recently started installing led lights along the city's four-lane road starting from Kokopo Secondary School and will end at Gazelle Motors roundabout.
Lack of proper streetlights along the Kokopo’s Williams four-lane road has been an overdue problem giving opportunists the advantage to commit petty crimes and other lawlessness activities.
Last year Kokopo City Authority Board approved a funding of K300,000 to light up the Williams road, commonly known as Four-lane road.

The funding is to support the Kokopo/Vunamami Urban LLG, which was facing problems maintaining the city lights established during the construction of Williams road more than a decade ago.
The neon lights along this stretch were off for the past two years due to non-payment of bills as well as continuous damages to the power poles by careless and drunk motorists.
During one of its board meetings last year, DDA chairman and Kokopo Member Emil Tammur saw the need to provide proper street lights in Kokopo as a headquarter of the New Guinea islands region.

Mr Tammur said Kokopo is a tourism hub for the NGI region and hosted many important national and international events, thus it was important to light up the city once more.

“When the lights are switched on, residents would once again enjoy the pleasant environment the city and people would be able to walk freely at night,” he said.

Terry Longbut