Kokopo mayor elected unopposed

The Kokopo City Mayor was elected unopposed with a quorum of 13 Ward Members, including himself.

The newly-elected Kokopo Mayor and Ward Member for Takubar, Isidore Bonga, has expressed his desired to work with everyone to further enhance development agendas and programs for Kokopo as the fourth largest city in PNG.

With 1 year and 8 months to go before the first elections in 2022, the Mayor elect has a strategic plan in place to achieve short term projects and programs to achieve within this period.

He says the plan also has a long term strategy which can be achieved by strengthening the political and administrative arm of the LLG.

Mayor elect Bonga says a lot of issues today have underlying root causes that need to be identified and addressed so that government service delivery continues to empower people in the communities.

He says his government will focus on bottom up planning so that people’s concerns and views are taken into consideration when planning for development.

Some priorities under his short term strategy include building 15 ward community halls, water and sanitation programs, rural electrification, community development and law and order programs, health and economic programs such as engaging the aid of the Chamber of Commerce to involve the many unemployed youths in the communities.

Bonga was elected unopposed with a quorum of 13 ward members, as seven Ward Members absconded from attending the election, which kicked off with the swearing in of the six elected ward members.

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