King tide hits Manus island

King tide measuring 1.3 metres has hit Mbuke Island in Manus Province on the weekend, which is an effect of global warming and sea level rise.

Local NGO Marine Environment Awareness and Response Team, headed by former WWF Marine Officer Selarn Kaluwin, confirmed that the tide increased by 0.1 metre compared to past events.

Kaluwin said the tide has gone down however, they are monitoring the situation after sea level reached about 5 to 20 metres onshore.

However, he said the impact didn’t affect gardens and homes however, villagers are on the lookout.

“We are looking at local approaches or knowledge in terms of adaptation measures.

“We have requested for assistance from NGO partners and government agencies for environmental friendly design seawall or coastal protection but are still waiting for a positive response,” he said.

Kaluwin added that they’re looking at coastal rehabilitation adaptation and coastal protection to minimise the impact of sea level rise on the coastlines.

Quintina Naime