Kikoli case: Ex-husband being interviewed by police

Following the violent ordeal that a female police officer went through with her ex-husband, justice can finally be served.

29-year-old Josie Kikoli, who is attached with the downtown Port Moresby Family Sexual Violence Unit, spoke bravely of her ordeal that left her unconscious and wounded.

The arrest of her ex-husband is said to take place either today or tomorrow after his interview with police on the case.

NCD Police boss, Perou N’Dranou, confirmed this, commending the work of the family sexual violence unit for their quick response towards getting treatment and helping Josie to a safe home after the incident happened.

Two reports have been compiled; one for disciplinary charges and the other for criminal charges.

He has been brought down from the Dog Unit base to be interviewed by police.

In an interview with this newsroom, Kikoli said having worked on a number of similar cases like hers, the amount of violence that women and children face these days is just too much to bear.

Kikoli vows to lead by example and be an inspiration for other survivors of gender-based violence and family sexual violence living in fear or shame of speaking out.

“Be a pillar of strength for other women who are going through situations like this,” she encouraged.

(Josie Kikoli – Filepic)

Annette Kora