Kicks 4 Kokoda program empowers youths

The 2024 Kicks 4 Kokoda (K4K) program is well underway, now past the halfway mark of its 9-week term.

Supported by Team Up, this initiative is not just about teaching soccer skills to adolescent girls and boys; it’s about equipping them with essential life skills.

This year, K4K boasts its largest cohort yet, with 235 participants from Kokoda, Kebara, and Gorari. These young athletes are gaining crucial knowledge to help them make healthy choices and achieve their life goals, all while having fun and honing their soccer abilities.

This week's practice focused on the pressing issue of peer pressure. The K4K teams engaged in discussions on strategies to resist the influence of others regarding drug and alcohol use. They were also encouraged to reflect on how substance use could impact their relationships and future aspirations.

Anna, a mother of a K4K participant, shared her heartfelt sentiments: "K4K has molded and shaped my son. Watching him change within the nine weeks and finding his way through thick and thin has really inspired me. He now knows that he is valuable. Thank you, K4K."

The K4K program continues to inspire and empower the youth, helping them to achieve both their soccer and life goals.


Loop Author