Kerema robbery allegedly led to regional clash

The incident that has disrupted the lives of people along the Hiritano Highway allegedly resulted from a robbery incident in Kerema, Gulf Province, on Saturday.

According to a resident, a man from the Highlands region had gone into town to purchase betelnut during the day when he was allegedly attacked by a known thug in the town.

The criminal forced the man to hand over his belongings but he refused, leading to him getting stabbed.

The witness said the victim's relatives later came in busloads during the night and attacked people in the town, where an innocent man was caught in the commotion and is now nursing serious injuries.

He said since the incident on October 28, people in Kerema town have been on high alert. Even PMV trucks travelling to the town refuse to take passengers for safety reasons. 

The resident also stated that the thug is known for attacking and wounding people; even those from his own village.

The situation is now being observed by the Central police.

Meantime, Governor for Central, Robert Agarobe, has confirmed that he is aware of this and has had a brief with the Central Provincial Administrator and the Provincial Police Commander to address this issue.

(Loop file pic of Kerema)

Imelda Wavik