KC2 summoned

Managing director of KC2, Mei Lin, has been asked to provide information on her deposit on a few properties belonging to the National Housing Commission in Lae.

On Monday April 26th, Lin will have an exclusive informal Parliamentary Committee hearing in Port Moresby with the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform & Service Delivery (SPCPSR&SD).

She was invited by committee chairman, Gary Juffa.

The committee would like to hear her side of the story.

It has been alleged that in 2013, Lin put up a deposit on a few NHC properties in Lae, but cannot trace nor recover her deposits.

The committee has asked her to provide full copies of all the terms of the deals, the conveyancing and banking documents.

Chairman Juffa stated it was pleasing to read reports of remedial administrative directives by the Minister for Housing, in response to the recent NHC property dealings in Lae, previously raised by the Lands Minister. 

He reminded the public that the Special Parliamentary Committee has been recently set up by Parliament to establish the broader question of whether organisations of the State are heading in the right direction in fulfilling the very reason of their existence.

“The Committee has no prosecution powers but is setting up strong cases for prosecution and reform,” stated Juffa.

“The almost daily reported occurrences of controversial actions or inaction by State entities are symptoms of a far deeper rooted institutional malady. The relevant question here is whether the Lae NHC events are in line with expectations of the legislated objectives of NHC’s existence.”

Chairman Juffa reported that on the 14th of April, the NHC was summoned to a meeting with the Committee Chairman and certain documents were requested from its executive management.

As part of the Special Parliamentary Committee’s review of this matter, Chairman Juffa invited Lin for this informal hearing at 10.30am at an undisclosed location.

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