Kavieng upgrades physical outlook

The physical outlook of New Ireland’s provincial capital Kavieng, continues to improve by the day.

Major road upgrading work centered on the second phase of the Kavavu Avenue and other main streets are underway.

The office of the Governor reported that priming was done to the last stretch of Kavanu Avenue and other town roads.

What was labeled as one of the worst roads starting from the Kavieng Airport and towards town, is getting positive feedback from residents and visitors alike.

Sir Julius Chan said each milestone being achieved for the province here on, is for the people.

He stressed that Kavieng Town deserves proper infrastructure because it boasts a naturally beautiful environment, with bountiful supply of food and a rich culture that can boost its economy and the livelihood of those who call it home.

Meantime, other developments running parallel include the installation of solar streetlights and the construction of the new Kavieng Market, with a separate fish market for Islanders. 

Press release