Kavieng MP asked to address power issues

A local operator in New Ireland Province is calling on the Kavieng MP, Ian Ling-Stuckey, to address the constant power issues in his district.

Owner of the Venbert Cottage and Putput Treehouse, Steven Lavarabin, stressed that continuous power issues are affecting business operations in the province.

“This is his town and he should really support us.

“Most of the local operators, they cannot afford to buy 50kVA (kilovolt-amps) generators, or 10kVa.

“When you look at it, it’s not our problem. My goodness, we’re paying tax! 

“The government of the day and the Open Member should provide for these facilities. We pay rent to the Lands Department, for lease, we pay water bills, we pay power.”

Lavarabin described residents’ tax-paying relationship with the government as a “give and take thing”; taxpayers are playing their part while the government is not.

Basic services that should be reliably provided are not up to standard.

He said people in Kavieng town are living as if they are back in rural areas like Lavongai, West Coast or Lelet.

His sentiments were supported by other local operators in New Ireland’s tourism sector, with the Karanas Comfort Tours saying: “Power outages affect most of our guests who are lodged at the small guest houses we affiliate with.”

On the other hand, the supervisor of Putput Treehouse Resort, Wendy Lavarabin, called on PNG Power Ltd to fix the power lines that have fallen along the Boluminsky Highway, along the villages of Kaplaman and Kaselok. 

Loop author