Kavieng communities told to assist police

The Kopkop communities and surrounding communities within Kavieng town to surrender those men responsible for the ransacking of a storage workshop near the Kavieng Stadium in New Ireland Province.

A total of K17,318 worth of properties were stolen from the storage workshop including; plumping and electrical materials, iron rods, vacuum pump and a desktop and laptop computer.

The stolen properties belong to China Railway company which is currently engaged by the Provincial Government to build the Kavieng Government Lodge and recently opened Kavieng Stadium. 

Chairman for Law and Order, Edwin Maigen said this is a big letdown and has warned that police will make arrests and put those responsible behind bars. 

“New Ireland has no place for people who steal and cause problem. When one steals, the whole community suffers. Those responsible will be dealt with harshly. 

 “The Vagrancy Act will be enacted soon and as I’ve said before, the law is not restricted to waira man or meri but also New Irelanders. If you misbehave, you will be subjected to the law,” he added.

Maigen is also calling on Kavieng residents who have bought these properties from the thieves to return them to the rightful owner. 

Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli confirmed today that one suspect has been brought to police through citizen’s arrest while the other six suspects are known. 

“Law and Order is everybody’s business and we are working with the Kopkop community to bring the suspects forward. 

“Police have decided to give the work back to the community. We were at Kopkop market on Wednesday, 30th and talked to the locals. 

“They will now get involved and be responsible for their own doings in the community. 

“Their task is to identify and apprehend the suspects to the police station and normalcy can take place at the Kopkop market. 

“As it is, the market is closed indefinitely for any selling and buying until suspects are brought in,” he added.

Press Release