Kaupa assures ATS settlers

Member for North East, John Kaupa is fighting against time to come up with a resolution on the eviction of ATS settlers in Port Moresby

Mr Kaupa and Pangu Party General Secretary, Morris Tovebae met with residents of Portion 695 of ATS settlement, who are currently being evicted by a company that now owns the land. 

When addressing those gathered, Mr Kaupa said he had met with the Lands Minister to discuss the matter and said the deadline for all residents to move out was by next week Sunday.

He also clarified to settlers that there was a Supreme Court order in place so any move made by him or his office to stop the eviction will be seen as a Contempt of Court.

“We have taken the humanitarian angle and spoken with the company that owns this land. We have spoken to the Lands Minister to see if there are any humanitarian solutions to this issue and hopefully we reach an understanding.

“We have also spoken to the original landowners to trace back how land transactions were made,” Mr Kaupa said. 

He assured the residents that he would meet with them to brief them on an update on any developments on their concerns. He thanked the settlers for their understanding.

Mr Kaupa urged the community members who understand the issue to inform and educate other residents on the court order in place and encouraged them to abide by the law.

Picture Courtesy: Gerard Ivalaoa

Melissa Wokasup