Kase defends procurement of medical drugs

Health Secretary Pascoe Kase has defended the process involved in the procurement of medical supplies in the country.

Kase said it was incorrect to say that the unavailability of medical supplies in the country relates to poor procurement practices by the National Department of Health.

He said the procurement of medical drugs and equipment were complex but had been successful in the last five years.

Kase clarified that the Central Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB) awards the contract to the company involved in the distribution of medical kits in the country. 

“Formal tenders are considered by an expert Technical Evaluation Committee for professional compliance, and Financial Evaluation Committee for value for money, etc. 

“In this way, all issues, including price, technical suitability, quality, timeliness of delivery and track record of performance, are taken into consideration.

“Only then are contracts recommended for appointment by the CSTB, or, in the case of high value contracts, by the National Executive Council.”  

However, Kase said the department is working with donor agencies to review the procurement and supply process of medical supplies.

The Secretary of Health released a statement today in response to comments by an election candidate relating to the procurement of medical supplies by the Department.

(Picture: LUTW)

Charles Yapumi