Kapavore calls for Political harmony

Public Service Minister, Elias Kapavore, has called for political harmony within Districts and Provinces.

He said this when calling Provincial Administrations and Open MP’s to follow legislation when appointing District Administrators.

Kapavore said he has received letters of complaints from Open MP’s regarding the manner in which some of their District Administrators were treated by Provincial Administrators.

Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, sought clarification from Minister Kapavore on the process of appointing District Administrators.

He said in some cases Provincial Administrators were appointing District Administrators without consultation with Open MP’s

“District Administrators and CEOs play an important role t the District Level. However there are many complaints we receive regarding the appointments.

“There are certain Provincial Administrators that are making their own appointments without consulting Open Members.

“Can the Minister clarify to this House, the appointments of DA’s and CEOs as required by the Public Services Management Act of 2014 and the District Development Authority Act?”

Minister Kapavore confirmed he has received multiple letters of complaints regarding the issue.

He confirmed that there must be consultation between both party’s before appointments are made.

“Section 73 of the Organic Law mandates the Office of the DA, Section 22 of the DDA Act mandates the office of DA’s.

“But I will answer question of appointment in the context of section 64 of the Public Management Act. Section 64 states clearly that the District Administrators appointments are made on the merit based selection process and is done in open consultation with the Open member of Parliament

“The Public Service Department Acting Secretary has written to PA’s advising them of particular legislation to comply with so they maintain political harmony at the District level.

The Minister added “District Administrators are closest on the ground need to support them.”

Cedric Patjole