Kandep mourns for Sir Michael

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare selfless service makes him a great man of all times, a man that had left an imprint from the Highlands to the coast of Papua New Guinea.

As the nation is mourning, so the people of Kandep  as 1973 was an unforgettable event that is hold dear to the hearts of the people of Kandep when Sir Michael Somare visited the very remote place.

Kandep MP Alfred Manasseh in his tribute to Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare recalled his encounter with Sir Michael.

“I was there when he came in an Australian Defense Force Curibou Aircraft to bring supplies to Kandep when frost hit the Highlands Region especially Kandep, Tambul and upper Mendi.

“I can recall among the supplies were coconuts, kaukau vines and many food supplies Somare brought, he was the Chief Minister at that time.

“Not only in 1973 but over the years late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare also visited Kandep in one or two occasions.

“His passing is the saddest day in our nation’s History. We are also privileged to witness the passing of one of our great founders of this nation. He rightly bears the name father of the nation. 

“On behalf of the people of Kandep and my family, we share with the rest of Papua New Guinea our grief on his passing.

“We also convey our deepest condolence to the family, wife Lady Veronica, children and the people of East Sepik for the sacrifice of their father to the service of this country for the work he has done.”

He said during this time of mourning, Papua New Guineans should reflect on the type of a man Late Sir Michael was, and the type of the country he would like it to be.
“We have to do our part as leaders, young and old united in our resolve in ensuring we have a successful country to be proud of."

“Somare has taught us as a nation to be selfless for the national good with his selfless services to his country which he founded. Let us take it from there and celebrate with good deeds. 

“Thank you once again to the family and people of the Sepiks. May God bless his Soul.”

Freddy Mou