Kandep fighting: Manase, Polye’s silence deafening

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has called on Kandep Member, Alfred Manase, and former MP, Don Polye, to address the ongoing election related fighting in Enga Province.

Baki urged both leaders to take ownership of the conflict and condemn the fighting, which has resulted in several deaths.

He said their silence on the clashes is seen to be in support of the conflict in the Province.

“Of concern also is the fact that none of the other elected leaders, including the two named, have come out to stop the fighting,” he said.

“Mr Polye and Mr Manase should now not be talking about politics but to stop the death and destruction and finding ways to bring back peace and law and order into the province.

“Wabag is the provincial capital for all Engans.

“I appeal to Mr Polye and Mr Manase get their people to go back to Kandep. They should respect other people from the other electorates and withdraw to their electorates where they can then pursue other more peaceful and legal avenues to air their dissatisfaction and or grievances.

“If nothing is done to address this situation soon then there is a danger of the fight spilling over and involving other tribes as well so the onus is on the two gentlemen to stop the fight immediately,” Baki added.

He said the security forces have done tremendously well by preventing the escalation of the situation; saving lives and property.

Baki said they can only do so much and the onus is on the two leaders and the people to work towards peace and normalcy.

A similar call was made to Southern Highlands Regional candidates, William Powi and Robert Kopaol.

Cedric Patjole