Kali urges public servants to uphold values

Public servants have been urged to uphold values drawn from the Constitution, Christian principles, traditional societies and corporate world.

Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, John Kali says there are six values that the public service needs to uphold in daily decision making and conduct.

These are honesty, integrity, accountability, respect, wisdom and responsivity.

Kali said public servants must be honest and always stand up and speak out for the truth.

They must have integrity and moral ethical principles in their private and public life in a manner that attracts respect, trust and sense of dependability.

He said that having accountability, taking ownership and accepting responsibility for the actions of individuals, groups and organisations are vital.

They must ensure records in relation to incentives and rewards are current and transparent.

Kali added that respect is an intrinsic trait of PNG’s society that promotes a positive relationship with individuals, community and organisations and emphasis a positive regard for the rule of law.

Wisdom highlights the capacity to have a deeper understanding of issues involving resentment, intuition, experience and maturity.

Kali said wisdom also highlights the ability to inspire and encourage action to overcome challenges for the advancement of our people.

He said public servants must have the responsibility in accepting stewardship for the people and the country guided by conscience.

They must make choices for the public interest considering the implications of decisions, dealing with their consequences and developing capacity in others.

Kali explained that if these values were ever present in daily decision making and conduct, they would make a positive impact on people and organisations hence creating a new culture for the public service.

Quintina Naime